Posted by: funride | March 29, 2008

Should we believe in our dreams!?

I must admit I was never a true believer that dreams could be some kind of advises so I wouldn´t take them very seriously until some terrifying episode happened to me. You all have to know right now that I don´t (and never did) believe in destiny or any other kind of fate!

Since I can remember I only had three types of dreams: about food, sex and free fall.

The first two must be related as I was never breast-fed when I was child, at least I always related those dreams with that fact. Once I dream I was eating a banana and I wake up “eating” my bed sheet, as you can imagine the flavor was not the expected one and I rapidly went to the kitchen looking for bananas but there were no bananas that day. It took me long time to recover from such traumatic day but lots of bananas later I got over it.

Sex dreams, well what can I say, I still have them and they are still very good and always end well unless someone wake me up (except if it is a female someone).

The last type of dream, free fall, was the one I always thought the strangest one cause I never really understood where it finish but I loved it because it made me feel alive. I woke up every time panicked before reaching the floor in my dreams. For several years I thought if it was some signal that I should try to learn skydiving but that never took place, I am a “feet on the ground” kind of guy. After almost 25 years, since I remember starting to have those dreams, and while in vacations on the French Alps doing downhill with my bicycle, I finally “ended” my free fall dream odyssey. Only this time I was not dreaming or at least I don´t remember the “free fall” part of it (thankfully), this time I woke up on the ground near the front door of the house where I was sleeping. At first, and mainly because I didn´t remember the first part of that dream, I thought some truck must have run over me but in fact I had fallen from the second floor balcony.

All the broken bones doesn´t matter to this story but they made me finally understand the meaning of my free falling dream, we should never underestimate our dreams and more important, never try to know their meaning. You probably prefer not to know how they would end…

The second floor balcony

The second floor balcony



  1. “They say”….. That when you dream, something opposite is suppose to be meant by it, example like Death means Rebirth, falling means a change is coming, bananas in your i wont comment.. I like your Funnies as well.
    Ill keep reading if you keep writing, and thanks for the comments on my Hub ..I hope your wrist heal soon. ouch!

  2. Hi Jenn, thank you for your kind comment. In my case the fall really meant great changes in my life but fortunately I´m regaining my abilities and hopefully I´ll be OK soon. The strange thing about this free falling dreams is that I stopped having them just after the accident. Now I dream about riding my bicycles almost every night.

    Have fun!

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