Posted by: funride | May 18, 2008

A lawyer goes hunting

Gives a shot, hits a duck, but the creature falls within the ownership of a
While the lawyer jumped over the fence, the farmer arrives on the tractor and asks him what he was doing.

The lawyer replied:
— I just shoot a duck, but he fell on this land, and now I will grab it.

The old man replied:
— This is private property, so you can not enter.

The lawyer, outraged:
— I am one of the best lawyers in the country!
If you do not let me go fetch my duck I´ll process you and I will take everything you own!

The farmer smiled and said:
— You do not know how we work things here! We have here the Napoleonic Code! We solve these small issues with the Rule of the Three kicks.
First I give you three kicks;
then you give me three kicks;
and so consecutively until one of us quit!

The lawyer who was already feeling a bit violent, looked at the old man and thought it was easy to win that game.
Hence, agreed to work things according to local custom.
The old, very slowly, left the tractor and walked up close to the lawyer.
The first kick hit directly into the balls of the lawyer, who fell to his knees and throw up.
The second one almost took off the lawyer´s nose.
When the lawyer fell to face with the pain, the farmer pointed the third
kick to the kidneys, which has made the other nearly quit.
However, the black and revengeful heart of the lawyer spoke stronger.
He did not give up, raised up, all blooded, and said:
— OK old man! Now it´s my turn!

The farmer smiled and said:
— Nop! I give up! You can take the duck with you! 😀



  1. This was a good one, funride! A great way to start the day. The poor lawyer wasn’t very smart, was he? ROTFLMAO!

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