Posted by: funride | May 18, 2008

Never argue with your wife before going to sleep

High hours of the night, you were already in bed, when:

Women – If I die will you marry again?

Male – Of course not!

Women – No? Why not? You don´t like being married?

Male – Of course I like!

Women – So why couldn´t you marry again?

Man – OK, I´ll marry!

Women – (looking sad) Will you?

Male – Yes, because it was good with you!

Women – And you would sleep with her in our bed?

Man – Where do you want us to sleep?

Women – And you´ll exchange my photos by photographs of her?

Male – It is natural that I would!

Women – and she would use my car?

Man – No, she doesn´t know how to drive!

Women – WHAT!!?????? (silence)

Man – (into thinking). I messed up!

Moral of this Story:
Never persist in an issue with your woman… especially if you’re sleepy… because the truth gets always the best of you… just shake your head or say
ham ham… Hum… Hum… Hem… Huuummm 😀



  1. I hear ya.

  2. That sounds too much like a trues stoy to me 🙂

  3. […] (real name Ricardo) has some entertaining and funny insights as to why it’s not a good idea to argue with your wife before going to sleep. He also has some awesome photographs of a huge variety of subjects over at Beauteous photos. This […]

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