Posted by: funride | May 19, 2008

The love for…

A computer guru is alone on a desert island for years after a shipwreck.

One day he saw a bright point on the horizon and begins to follow it with his eyes.

“It’s not a ship” thinks our hero.

And the point was approaching. “It’s not a barge”.

And each time the object was closer! “It is not a raft!?!”.

There came a blond babe emerging from the water wearing a diving suit!

The beautiful woman addressed to him and asked:
— When was the last time you smoke a cigarette?
— 10 years ago!

She opens an inner pocket of her waterproof suit and gave him a cigarette.
— My God, this feels so good!

— When was the last time you drank a whisky?
— It has past at least 10 years! — Answered our hero, still wondering.

Then she opens another inside pocket, takes a little bottle of whisky and gives it to him!
The man drank everything, still disbelieving what it was happening but still very very happy!

Then the blond woman begins to open her diving suit and asked him:
— When was the last time you had great fun?…

He could not believe in his eyes and yells crazy with happiness:
— Wow! Are you telling me that you have a portable computer in there?!…


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