Posted by: funride | May 20, 2008

Human nature…

After a shipwreck the following persons arrived to this beautiful but desert archipelago in the middle of nowhere:

— Two Italian men and an Italian woman;

— Two French men and one French woman;

— Two German men and a German woman;

— Two Greek men and one Greek woman;

— Two English men and one English woman;

— Two Bulgarian men and one Bulgarian woman;

— Two Japanese men and one Japanese woman;

— Two Chinese men and one Chinese woman;

— Two American men and one American woman;

— Two Irish men and one Irish woman;

— Two Portuguese men and a Portuguese woman.

After a month in these absolutely wonderful islands in the middle of

— An Italian man killed the other one because of the Italian woman;

— The two French men and the French woman lived happily together in a

— The two German men established a rigorous schedule of visits to alternate with the German woman;

— The two Greek men slept with each other and then clean and cook for the Greek woman;

— The two English men were waiting for someone to present them to the English woman;

— The two Bulgarian men looked extensively into the ocean, then looked
to the Bulgarian woman and started to swim;

— The two Japanese men sent a fax to Tokyo and awaited instructions;

— The two Chinese men opened a pharmacy / bar / restaurant / laundry, and then started making love with the Chinese woman to provide employees for the store;

— The two American men were considering the advantages of suicide because the American woman only complaint about her body, the true nature of feminism, how she is able to do what they do, the need for achievement, the division of household chores, about palm trees and the sand that made her seem fat, as her last boyfriend respected her opinion and deal better than them, as their relationship with their mother had improved and that at least taxes fell and there were no rain…

— The two Irish divided the island into North and South and opened a
distillery. They do not remember if sex was in the program after a few litres of coconut whisky. But were happy because, at least, the English were not having fun…

— With the two Portuguese men and the Portuguese woman, which also
were on the island, until now nothing has happened because the two Portuguese men constituted a committee charged with deciding which of the two men would be authorized to request in writing the establishment of intimate contacts with the woman. It turns out that the committee already goes in the 17th meeting and until now nothing is decided yet. It still misses to approve the minutes from the 5 latest meetings without which the process can not move forward. It is important to point out that, of all meetings, 3 were dedicated to electing the Chairman of the committee and his adviser, 4 were not relevant as it was reached the conclusion that had been violated some principles of administrative procedure, 8 were dedicated to discuss and draft of the regulation of the committee and 2 were dedicated to adopt the same regulation.
It is also noteworthy that many of the meetings could not be performed or
completed since they could not continued for lack of quorum. Five of the meetings coincided with holidays or with Mondays followed by holiday or Fridays preceded by holiday… 😀


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