Posted by: funride | May 20, 2008

There are teachers and educators…

In this school something very uncommon was happening every day.

A bunch of girls of 12 years old started to put lipstick on their lips and to remove the excess they used to kiss the mirror in the bathroom.

The director tried to explain to the girls how difficult it was to take the lipstick from that huge mirror. But on the next day the mirror was full of lipstick kisses again.

One day the director take the cleaning lady with him and joined the flock of girls to show them that it was very complicated to clean the mirror. To exemplify he asked the lady to show them how she used to clean the mirror.

The cleaning lady picked up a mop and soaked it in the toilet and then clean the mirror with it.

After that day the mirror stay clean and never again was found lipstick on it.



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