Posted by: funride | May 27, 2008

Men “seen” by Women

Theories about men:

1 – Men who are nice are also ugly.
2 – Men who are ugly are not nice.
3 – Men who are friendly and beautiful are gay.
4 – Men who are friendly, beautiful and heterosexuals are already married.
5 – Men who are not so beautiful but who are friendly, have no money.
6 – Men who are not so beautiful, but are friendly and have money think that women are only after their money.
7 – Beautiful men without money are after women´s money.
8 – Beautiful men who are heterosexual, however not very friendly, think that women are not beautiful enough for them.
9 – Men who think that women are beautiful, who are heterosexual, friendly and have some money, are cowards.
10 – Men who are nice, friendly, who have some money and are heterosexual, are shy and NEVER TAKE THE INITIATIVE.
11 – Men who never take the initiative, automatically lose interest in women when they take the initiative.

Thankfully in reality it´s much simpler 😀


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