Posted by: funride | May 30, 2008

Deductive reasoning…

A math professor wanted to preach a game to their students and said:

– “Boys listen to this brain-teaser:

A plane left for Amsterdam with a speed of 800 kph, the pressure of
1.004,5 millibars, the relative humidity was 66% and the temperature of 20.4
degrees Centígrades.
The crew was composed of 5 persons and the plane had capacity for 45 passengers, the bathroom was busy and had 5 hosts (but one was off).

The question is…
How old am I?”

Students are haunted. The silence was complete.

Jack who was at the end of the room said without raising his hand:
– “44 years old!”

The teacher who was really surprised said:
– “Wow, it´s true. I have 44 years old. But how do you guessed?”

And Jack:
– “Well, I deducted it because I have a cousin who is half stupid and he has 22 years old…” 😛


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