Posted by: funride | June 2, 2008

Women and dogs


1 – The dogs do not cry all the time.
2 – The dogs love when we bring friends to our house.
3 – The dogs do not care if we use their shampoo.
4 – The dogs think we sing very well.
5 – The later you arrive more excited will be the dog.
6 – The dogs forgive us every time we play with other dogs.
7 – The dogs do not care if we call them by another dog name by mistake.
8 – The dogs do not think they´re funny.
9 – The dogs do not buy anything.
10 – The dogs can not use the “VISA”.
11 – Anyone can get a dog with good looks.
12 – The dogs love when we leave a bunch of things scattered by the house.
13 – The dog´s disposition remains the same throughout the month.
14 – The dogs never stop to rethink the relationship.
15 – The relatives of the dog never visit us without our permission.
16 – When a dog ages and begins to bother you can always replace him with a younger one.
17 – The dogs love the owners who drink beer.
18 – The dogs do not hate their bodies.
19 – The dogs never criticize.
20 – The dogs agree that we must shout to impose our views.
21 – You can keep a dog trapped inside the house throughout the day.
22 – The dogs do not want to know anything about other dogs that we owned before.
23 – Never have to wait for the dog. He is always ready to leave, 24 hours a day.
24 – The dogs have fun when we are drunk.
25 – The dogs can not talk.
26 – The dogs are faithful to their owners.
27 – The dogs do not speak on the phone.
28 – The dogs do not complain when you are fat.
29 – The dog, despite having good olfactory perception, never question “what is that perfume?”

1 – Both can eat 500g of chocolate at once.
2 – Both realize zero about football.
3 – Both are good claiming that they are understanding every word you say.
4 – Both bark all the time.
5 – Both loose hair.
6 – Both mark their territory.
7 – Both fell asleep when we are watching our favorite action movie.

1 – It is socially acceptable to maintain sexual relations with women.

(Unfortunately this tells a lot about men LOL) 😀



  1. This really made me giggle, and it is true, both I and my dogs can eat 500g of chocolate at once (if I would let them, that is).

    Must dash -but before I go, don’t men lose hair too? I mean – go bald, that is…?

    Hector’s mum (from Derby, UK)

  2. Wonderfull would love to post on my blog LOL

  3. WOW even though this is not 100% true ( I am a woman) it is very funny!

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