Posted by: funride | June 2, 2008

Would you be missed in your company?

 In this company after a careful process of recruitment with
interviews and tests, a group of cannibals were hired to be part of the team.

– “Now you are part of a great team.” Said the Director of HR during the ceremony of welcome.
– “You will enjoy all the benefits of the company. For example, you can go to the canteen whenever you want to eat something. I only ask you not to eat the other employees, please!”

Four weeks later the boss called them:

– “You are working hard and I’m happy. But the woman which serves the coffee disappeared. Can some of you tell me what have happened?”

All cannibals denied with their heads.

After the boss leaves the Cannibal leader question the others:

– “Who was the idiot who ate the woman who served the coffee?”

One of them, timidly, raised his hand.

The leader replied:

– “You must be stupid! We are here having this tremendous opportunity in our hands. We have already ate 3 directors, 2 deputy, 5 advisors, 2 coordinators, about 3 administrators during these four weeks without anyone noticed anything. And we could still continue for a long time.
But no… You had to spoil everything and eat a person who is really needed!”


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