Posted by: funride | June 26, 2008

How to save your neck…

One day I woke up with a big hangover and on the side of the bed was a glass of water and two aspirins.

I looked around and saw my clothes hanged and already ironed. The room was in perfect order. There was a card from my wife:

“Honey, I let your coffee ready in the kitchen. I went to the supermarket. Kisses.”

Thanks to Gregor909.

Still feeling dizzy I went downstairs and found a full table with coffee and food waiting for me.

I asked my daughter:
– “What happened yesterday?”

– “Well Dad, you arrived at 3 in the morning, completely drunk, you throw up on your bedroom`s carpet, then you broke some furniture and you took a pee in a crystal bowl before arriving in your bed.”

– “Then why it´s everything so tidy, coffee on the table, aspirins for the hangover and a lovely card from your mother?”

– “Well, when mom dragged you to bed and while she was taking your pants, you cried out:


Drinking – $70,00
Furniture destroyed – $1.200,00
Breakfast – $10,00
Saying the right phrase in the right moment – PRICELESS!



  1. That’s is hilarious!

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