Posted by: funride | July 13, 2008

Good genes…

– “My friend, you are in very good shape for 40 years.” Said the doctor.

– “I never said I have 40 years.”

– “How old are you then?” Asked the doctor.

– “I made 57 in last May!”

– “And how old is your father when he died?”

– “I never said my father died.”

– “Oh, sorry! How old is your father?”

– “81 years old!”

– “81? Nice! And how old was your grandfather when he died?”

– “I never said my grandfather died.”

– “Sorry. And how old he is?”

– “103 years old and he has very good health!”

– “I am happy to know. And your great-grandfather? What did he died of?”

– “I never said that he had died? He is 124 years old and he´s going to get married next week!”

– “Now that´s too much! Why would a 124 years old man wanted to marry?”

– “I never said he wanted to get marry! He didn´t want to but the girl got pregnant so…”



  1. incomplete but i was little bit starting to lyk it but i didnt undastant it

  2. Hi funride,

    I love the funny and humorous side of life. This site is one of them. 🙂


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